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If you never heard of Conscious Parenting before, then this is your chance to understand how it will improve your life and that of your children.
Put your kids to bed on Wednesday at 20h00 and engage with Registered Counsellor and Parenting Coach Shenaaz Moos as she takes you through some of the concepts:


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Conscious Parenting – Part 1 An Introduction


Do you wonder if you are a good parent?
Do you want to make the best decisions for your family?
Do you long to feel more confident in your parenting?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then reserve your seat for our introductory workshop on Conscious Parenting.

Registered Counsellor and Parent Coach, Shenaaz Moos will explain to you how you can get the tools to understand your child’s behaviour and learn how to help them.

To reserve your seat, contact Shenaaz Moos on 072 781 8136.

Conscious Parenting Part 1 is as an introductory workshop, followed by the rest of the series in 2018. There are only 40 spots so please don’t delay.

To fully secure your seat, we request you to fill out the attached form: https://goo.gl/forms/MkKmEn4y6SRKEYco2 #happyconfidentme#consciousparenting

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Subject Choice is Not Life Choice

My 15 year old daughter is in grade 9 and we attended her Subject Choice meeting the other night. As I looked around the hall, parents were holding their breathe in fear and children were anxiously scanning the room for comfort. All the parents were listening attentively to the guest speaker about the different academic streams open to specific subject choices.


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The answer is No, it’s never too late to say sorry. I know it is a Justin Bieber song but also the title of this blog post which I felt was an important one to share.  I wish I had the knowledge I have now when my teens were younger, but unfortunately ten years ago I didn’t and as a result made many, many and many more mistakes as a parent. When we parent from an unconscious place, we have no road map providing us with guidance to ensure that we don’t harm, scar and damage our children in our effort to raise balanced healthy adults one day. I can only forgive myself and try to do better with the knowledge I have in the present moment.



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Emotionally Connecting to Your Child Session 3

If it feels like no matter what you try to say and do there is constant fighting, little or no communication between you and your child – then this workshop is for you.

Session 1 14/1/17
Orientation and Reflection
Looking at your own childhood and how its impacts your parenting.
Temperaments and Birth Order : understand and manage the different types.

Session 2 21/1/17
Learning to speak your child’s Love Language : Physical Touch, Gifts, Acts of Service & Quality Time

Session 3 28/1/17
How to control the Anger monster inside you
Understand the link between Perfectionism and anger

The program will consist of 3 sessions run for 3 hours per week, totalling 9 hours (R150 p/h) Come join other moms on the same journey to truly connect and love their children unconditionally. All the information will be treated with confidentiality. The cost of each workshop is R1350 and there will only be 10 people per group. Each session costs R450.

Early bird full payment rate will be R1250. I can also split payments to make it easier.
If there is a need, I am able to see the person, couple or family on an individual level as well. Contact me for further details or if you have any questions.

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The Awakened Family (Dr Shefali) Book Review

Every time I read a new book, its like forming a relationship and connection with an old friend.  I internalise the words and make it part of my life. I share the highs and lows of the content and ride the rollercoaster of emotions all with the end goal of changing, improving and growing as a person. No book has ever shaken me to the core to the extent of The Awakened Family by Dr Shefali. I am a huge fan and have read her earlier book, The Conscious Parent. There was something about the messages in this book that touched me in a place that I had long disconnected from and as a result old wounds opened and healing began.


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Why saying ‘I love you, but I don’t like you’ damages Self Esteem?

I have a book on my Kindle, ‘Liking the Child You Love’ by Jeffrey Bernstein I am dying to read as this topic is an important one to explain to parents when trying to help them bridge the canyon of disconnect between them and their child.

Parents often carelessly say that they love their child but don’t like them. This is extremely hurtful and gut wrenching for a child to hear. Love is not a tangible, measurable entity but like or dislike is often something easily detected. Saying ‘I love you!’ often, but it is evident that you don’t like your child will cause them to feel unloved.


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HELP ! Am I Addicted to LIKES?


How many of us check our Facebook updates all the time or Instagram to see who likes our photos or the moment somebody makes a comment, we are dying to see what they say so we can respond back?


I became aware of this problem when my daughter deleted a photo of her herself on Instagram because it didn’t get enough likes within the first hour of posting it. After that I started monitoring my own behaviour on social media, I realised that I had the same tendency to always complain about the number of likes or the lack of comments when I posted things either on my personal page or on my professional page. Did I model it to her? This was troubling! (more…)

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