Raising a Motivated Child


Another awesome workshop being offered for the first time : Raising a Motivated Child. Please sign up today.

If you relate to this or other similar scenarios, then you must attend this workshop:
– My child doesn’t do homework or forgets assignments.
– My pre-teen isn’t inclined to hobbies and has no passion for anything else in life.
– My Teenager throws in the towel way too easily.

You will walk away with the tools to support your child as you motivate and inspire him or her to want to do their best.

The workshop is presented by Shenaaz Moos, Registered Counsellor and Parenting Coach of “Happy Confident Me”.

Date: Saturday, 29 September 2018
Time: 15h00 to 17h00
Venue: 75 St Kilda Road, Crawford

To book your seat: contact Mishka Daries on 082 22 33 685 or register using this link: https://goo.gl/forms/DQzhv1gQHgVnFlZ83

This is a fundraising initiative. All proceeds go to the Darul Islam Haafith School to cover their operational costs.

  Shenaaz Moos   Sep 29, 2018     0 Comment Read More