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    Happy Confident Me

    Learning to grow emotional intelligence for a fuller life.
  • Happy Confident Me

    Hello & Welcome

    Happy Confident Me

    Knowing yourself, so you can better yourself.
  • Happy Confident Me

    Hello & Welcome

    Happy Confident Me

    Learn how to bully-proof your children.


Hi there, I’m Shenaaz

My name is Shenaaz Moos and I am Registered  Counsellor (also a mother of 3) and saw a great need for offering emotional support to adults, children, couples and families in my community. I left being a stay at home mom after 10 years to enter the work force and became a Counsellor & Facilitator at The Parent Centre in Wynberg from 2012 to 2015. I opened my Private Practice in 2014.

I focus on building Emotional Intelligence(EQ) and  Consciousness, my services include:

  • Play therapy for children from the age of 7
  • Parent coaching
  • Individual and Couple Counselling
  • Motivational Talks

What is EQ?

Knowing your own emotions,
Recognizing and being sensitive to other people’s emotions,
Knowing how to calm yourself when you are upset,
Developing the skills of restraint – knowing when it is wise not to say or do something.


Specializing in building Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, in adults and children.
Conscious Parenting

Do you want to be more deliberate and conscious in your parenting? Read More

Journey to Your Authentic Self

If you feel lost, disconnected, or a stranger in your own life, now is the time find our authentic self. Read More

Emotionally Connecting to Your Child

Improves the bond and relationship between parent and child. Read More

Building My EQ

Teaches you how to better interact, and understand people. Read More

Raising a Motivated Child

We all want children who are self motivated and driven to give their best to achieve their highest potential but not sure how to get there. Read More

Anxiety Management for Children

With clarity and simplicity, we help anxious fearful children become calmly confident. Read More

Self Esteem Development for Children

Teaching children to see the best in themselves, to help them aim high in life. Read More

The 5 Love Languages

Learn how you, and others, experience love in different ways. Read More

Bully-Proof Your Child

What to do when it happens, and how to recognize it before it starts. Read More

Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Helping children validate their feelings about divorce in a constructive, powerful way. Read More

Workshop rates are R200 per hour.

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Other Services



Often when challenges can become too much to handle on your own, the emotional support of counselling is beneficial. Having a support system, be it an empathetic ear in the form of a partner, family, friends or a club is crucial in periods of emotional distress. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone but it does not mean that you should deal with this on your own. Getting support is a sign of your courage, not your shortcoming or imperfection.

As a Registered Counsellor, I do short term counselling up to 8 sessions so the focus is goal directed while offering the support needed.

If you need help with any of these, please do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment or if you have any questions:

  • family issues
  • relationship issues
  • marriage issues
  • stress
  • motivation
  • breaking free of Perfectionism
  • identifying Childhood Emotional Neglect in adulthood

All sessions are payable upfront and can be claimed back from your medical aid. Please confirm with your scheme if you require a referral or authorisation in order to be reimbursed.

Parent Coaching

According to Psychologist Dr Randy Cale, Parent Coaching is as follows: 

“Coaching is a personal service, slightly different from psychotherapy or counseling.  The focus in coaching is more goal directed, and the topics covered tend to be of a more educational nature, or more skills based. “

Parent Coaching is specific to helping parents resolve behavioural struggles with their children.  These parent-child struggles may range from the typical challenges of daily parenting life— such as morning routines, homework struggles or sibling bickering.  However, more often parents call for Parent Coaching when faced with more demanding behaviours that push the limits of their parenting—including the strong-willed child, the picky eater, the angry, disrespectful child or teen, the defiant, oppositional son or daughter and even kids with constant Attention Deficit issues. ”

I offer a package of 10 sessions and a monthly fee for additional WhatsApp support to help you as and when the crisis occurs.

Coming for support means that you are wise and brave to ask for help when you need it. It’s not a sign of weakness. The most important job in the world never came with classes, a manual or instructions. We are all just parenting the why our parents did, unconsciously or consciously choosing to go in the opposite direction.

Learn about your parenting style, your child’s temperament,  Birth order and its impact on Personality, discover your child’s Love Language. All these tools will help you better understand, relate and connect to your child. This will make them feel loved, accepted, boost their self esteem and will give a more cooperative child. Discipline becomes easier when there is a strong connection and a healthy parent-child relationship.

Are these your families issues :

– Constant anger (parents, child or both)

– Disrespectful Kids

– Parenting Differences

– No Order and Structure in your home

– Difficulty getting them to school

– Not listening



Motivational Speaker

Navigating the challenges of life is difficult and often just the right set of information can point us in the right direction, turn a normal event to an exceptional one. I have been guided by the teachings of Dr Shefali Tsabary in the field of Consciousness, Mindfulness and Awareness, all necessary skills for living a more fulfilled, connected and authentic life. If you want to motivate your organisation, company or school, then this is the way to achieve it. REQUEST a TALK today.

Some other topics include :

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Parenting – in general
  • Conscious Parenting
  • The Five Love Languages
  • Parenting Styles
  • Birth Order
  • Self Esteem
  • Other areas of interest


Play Therapy

How important is Play? “Playing is how children learn about their word. Play is therefore essential for healthy development. Play is a serious, purposeful business for children. They develop mentally, physically and socially whilst playing. Play is the child’s form of self-therapy where confusion, anxieties and conflict are often worked out. Play affords children a safe opportunity for trying out their new ways of being. Play performs a vital function for the child. It is family more than just the frivolous, lighthearted, pleasurable activity that adults usually make of it. Play also serves as a symbolic language. Children express much that they cannot as yet express in words so the use play to formulate and assimilate what they experience.” from Windows to our Children (Oaklander: 1988:160). 

What is Play Therapy? It is a way of being  present with the child, following their process using play as the medium to communicate. It factors in their unique developmental level, temperament, birth order and Love Language (the latter three are specific to my method)  to provide them with tools and skills to best manage their challenges be it anxiety, anger management, bullying, friend drama and so much more. I see children from the age of 6 years old to teens. 



  • I first met Shenaaz in 2016, and whilst not seeking “parenting advice” at the time, I walked away with some insights that had a great positive impact on my eldest [toddler] son since then, Alghamdulillah. Bear in mind, she never actually uttered the words “conscious” or “conscious parenting” in any of our initial discussions, yet planted some seeds I couldn’t necessarily define yet. In 2018 I was fortunate enough – Alghamdulillah – to attend her first Conscious Parenting workshop. Whilst Shenaaz is noticeably familiar with the workshop content, it is her passion for Conscious living that drives the true energy and interest, her understanding through living it herself with her own children. Throughout the workshop Shenaaz always manages to relate the content to what many of us may have gone through already; and always ensures that the whole group is always on par.

    This journey isn’t always easy, but it definitely can be life-changing. It is amazing to know that there is a global change, and it all begins from the comfort of our homes. I’d recommend this workshop for every parent to attend; you need not have any challenging parenting issues to address, merely to want the best version of yourself as a parent and the best potential relationship with your child/ren. 

    Dilshaad Gallie on the Conscious Parenting Workshop
  • I attended the Angry Mom workshop and it lead me to discover something which I consider a great gift: the 5 love languages. Hence I have been playing with my son as spending quality time makes him feel loved and I’ve seen a remarkable change. We feel more connected and I can see when I don’t there is a difference in our relationship.

    Saleema Dawood
  • The  workshop is an everyday thing, it’s a one day at a time thing. I can say that some days I feel off and some days I feel on. Sometimes I forget to love myself first, other days I do and feel guilty.

    The most important thing I’ve learnt from the workshop is to ask for help when I need it and I shouldn’t feel ashamed when I’m not perfect.  Like these last few days I couldn’t cope with 3 kids and Ramadan. I’ve even burnt my samoosas pies and can’t get done with my halfmoons. But you know what? Amidst the busy, amidst the chaos amidst the everything,  I took time today and reflected. I remembered me! And that’s what this workshop has taught me. To remember me to be gentle on me before anyone else. Happiness is not seeing your almost 6 month old crawl. Happiness is feeling the joy emanate from within to be able to praise my almost 6 month old for reaching that milestone.  Because without that inner peace and joy my facial expressions would have been a blank canvas for him, not knowing if he achieved something great. It all starts with me. Within me. It all stems from me, the real me, that happy me , the smiling me (even without teeth). Then and only then can I emanate the light I I am inside.

    Somaya Cassiem
  • Wow, I was thinking where does one start to explain how I have felt after this workshop, there is so much to say lol however I decided to try and keep it short and sweet and truthful.
    When I first made contact with Shenaaz Moos it was last year February 2015.  Wow, I was in a DARK PLACE, my kids were all over the show and so was my emotions. I felt like everything I held dear to me was slipping away and my grip just was not strong enough Yaa Salaam.
    I enrolled for the Angry Mommy Workshop and started my journey to heal my relationship with my kids.  It was a battle because it was something new, but I learnt so much Algamdoelillah. The information, inspiration, the love and commitment I took from this group and workshop has made a huge impact on my life as a mother.  We do have challenges, however a child lives from moment to moment, and that’s where my patience had to take a stand.
    If there is anything that I could say to encourage more and more ladies, and even men, to do this workshop it would be this the Angry Mommy Workshop was started by an amazing  woman who has experienced the very same challenges you and I have/are experiencing. As a result we, as a first time group of ladies, felt so comfortable and at ease to share what we are feeling and cry about it with no judgement. I am pleased to say that up until today I have not only gained education on being and striving to be an amazing  mommy, I gained amazing friends as well!

    Firdous Salie Dawjee
  • As a mother, and as women, we are always so hard on ourselves..
    As an overhwelmed single mother of 4, I found it even harder. With the change, I felt I was neglecting my children, failing them, stealing from them, compared to what I was, before the big change.
    I could always read my kids, and suddenly I felt I had lost that, lost the connection, failing them, robbing them of the better me.
    Attending the workshop gave me a sense of relief, and comfort, everything we learnt or shared gave me comfort that I was doing my best, giving my best.

    The “Bonus” was that I learnt more about myself, my family, connections, the different love languages, such a better understanding of the how’s and the why’s. So many things I understood differently, now gave me peace instead of frustration. Her workshop is a genuine investment in self empowering and connecting with who you are meant to be. I would really love to gift my friends or family with this workshop, the journey is richer beyond words.

    Raghmah Ameeroedien
  • Shenaaz’s  workshop has changed my life forever. Although I am still a work in progress, I feel the anger and resentment I felt toward my daughter has gone away. Shenaaz has taught me that it’s not my daughter that needs to change, it needs to be me and alhamdulillah there is a better understanding why my daughter behaves the way she does. I never knew about love languages until Shenaaz opened my eyes to this very important factor which played a major roll in our lives. Now that I understand what it is and how to implement it, my relationship with my daughter has improved drastically and has also seen a major improvement with the relationship with my husband.

    I would recommend this workshop to everyone, it is a great investment and I would encourage any parent to attend. I went in with the goal of finding a way to change my daughter,  and left with so much more valuable information that has saved an entire household from destruction.

    Bishneen Salie
  • Thank you Shenaaz Moos for an enlightening workshop.You taught us so much about ourselves and our families.For those moms who know they need to make a change but to afraid to take the next step….trust me you not alone.We realised it 5 mins into our first session.As moms we all face the same challenges…Thank you and all the best with the next worshop Shenaaz.

    Amena Paleker
  • This workshop is truly amazing and a must for every mother out there. And even those that are planning to be moms soon. It will benefit you even more, as prevention is better than cure.
    As moms we always want to do everything perfectly for the benefit of our family. I have been blessed with 3 amazing children algamdulillah however each one COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. It was a constant battle for peace amongst them and it took all the energy I had to  go out out and have fun. Or rather what we perceived as fun. Roadtrips were a nightmare at times. My middle child was the slamming doors and hitting walls type. As I think back now my eyes are welling up as we have truly come a long way.
    Truly I learnt more about myself firstly as a person, a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister. I learnt so much and have changed drastically, and my kids went from banging doors and screaming to writing poems on how they love their family and ME. No more I HATE YOU’S.
    We spend more QUALITY time together individually and as a family algamdulillah. I have learnt their Love languages and have equipped myself and them to respect each other and ourselves. I can truly see the progress in me and them. Even their education and how they relate to one another has improved.

    Wardah Daniels
  • I was fortunate enough to attend the workshop after having won a competition. It opened my eyes to strategies and ways to connect with my family but also better understand myself. There is always room to grow and Shanaaz has devised a workshop where you can start a journey that will alter your life for the better.

    Rushdiyah Narker
  • I highly recommend this workshop. It has had a positive impact on how i interact with my kids and view myself as a mother. It is a great opportunity to meet a group of ladies that are experiencing the same feelings and concerns. Shenaaz Moos provides a safe environment for everyone to share and discuss their thoughts, feelings and experiences. She is a fantastic facilitator and is great at sharing her experiences to make the training material more real and impactful. I will always be greatful for taking the step to becoming Kashiefa 2.0 and gaining a group of friends that continues to support each other even after the workshop. Be bold and take the step now to register for this workshop and get rid of the angry mommy!

    Kashiefa Adams Kamaar

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