The Five Love Languages Workshop

Presented by Shenaaz Moos, Registered Counsellor

We all lead busy lives and want more time, fun, love and laughter in it. Unfortunately these require effort and most of us want a quick fix, instant connection and happiness. There are some cheats and short cuts and I am excited and eager to share one with you, it is called The Five Love Languages. I am insanely passionate about living, teaching and spreading it.

I chosen The 5 Love Languages as a workshop because it is an effective way to discover how you receive love. It is based on the series of Love Languages books by Gary Chapman.


We may love our children, spouse and family with every fibre in our being, yet they do not feel this love. WHY?

One of the reasons is that we all have a particular way that we need it to be shown.

This workshop will help you discover what it is and teach you how to speak it.

There are 5 Love Languages :

Words of Affirmation

Physical Touch


Acts of Service

Quality Time


Sign up make the investment you will never forget taking your relationships to the next level.


DATE : SATURDAY 2/11/1019

TIME : 2-5PM


COST : R300 pp R500 per couple

CONTACT: Shenaaz Moos 0727818136


Click this link to sign up.

If you are still not convinced, watch this video on the The Five Languages to decide. I know I will see you soon!

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