Hi, I’m Shenaaz

My name is Shenaaz Moos and I am Registered  Counsellor (also a mother of 3) and saw a great need for offering emotional support to adults, children, couples and families in my community. I left being a stay at home mom after 10 years to enter the workforce and became a Counsellor & Facilitator at The Parent Centre in Wynberg from 2012 to 2015. I opened my Private Practice in 2014.

I focus on building Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Consciousness, my services include:

  • Play therapy for children from the age of 7
  • Parent coaching
  • Individual and Couple Counselling
  • Motivational Talks

What is EQ?

Knowing your own emotions,
Recognizing and being sensitive to other people’s emotions,
Knowing how to calm yourself when you are upset,
Developing the skills of restraint – knowing when it is wise not to say or do something.