Beware of the Unconscious People in your Life!

As I  have been focusing on raising my Consciousness and journeying through my life, I have noticed that not all people live by the same moral, ethical code and value system. This impacts how they live and the principles that govern their behaviour. However,  there are a few that unconscious people have in common. Unconscious people are easy to identify as they are the energy drainers in your life.


1. Unconscious people can’t understand why not keeping a promise is lying!

It’s better for your sanity to accept this and move on. You cannot change their level of consciousness but you can choose not to sink to their level. Trying to make them see this is a pointless endeavour that will drain your energy and dim your light.


2. Unconscious People will never apologise even when they are in the wrong.

If you are waiting for someone who who hurt you to realise this and make amends, the wait will be an eternity. They can only see things from their perspective and from their  point of view, they did nothing wrong. So for your own emotional and mental health, just let it go.

This does not make it right and it’s not easy to do but a key component in your rising as a conscious person.

3. Unconscious people fixate on your flaws and mistakes and are unable to see their own.

This means that they are always harping on about your behaviours and actions. As a result, this distracts them from looking at and focusing on their own. It can a be very effective way of avoiding looking inward at where they need to grow as a person. It’s up to you to realise this and not waste valuable energy on trying to get them to see their flaws and mistakes. This is your lesson and growth to take away from this experience!

4. Unconscious people choose to play the victim and martyr no matter what the situation, making you the bad guy and villain.

In any given situation, there are three roles : Victim/Martyr, Perpetrator & Rescuer (Drama Triangle). When it comes to the unconscious person, they perceive themself as the victim even when they are the one inflicting the pain (Perpetrator). Sometimes they even delude themselves to believe that they are the Rescuer and you owe them eternal gratitude. The rest of us shuffle between Perpetrator or Rescuer in their chaotic lives because we are good and kind people. To save yourself, just step out of the triangle and their drama and be none of those roles. Take your power back, preserve your Energy for your own life and it’s challenges!


5. Unconscious people exploit your kindness, generosity and loving heart to their own ends, leaving you hurt, empty and betrayed!

If you have a giving heart, do not assume that those around you have the same. Unconscious people will take and take and make endless promises to give when you are in need but never deliver. Most of the time, it’s their betrayal and lack of integrity that’s more hurtful and not their inability to be there for you when you need them.


The point of this blog post is to understand when people trigger you, where it may be coming from. This does mean that you are innocent and not a contributor to the situation, but taking ownership of your part, this is how you raise your Consciousness. At the end of the day, that is all each one of us can actually do. I am not all zen and 100% conscious all the time. I am however more open to identify when I am in Unconscious mode and this is when I use it as another way to grow myself.

Just remember :

You cannot change another person’s level of Consciousness, only your OWN!

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