Conscious Parenting Course

What is Conscious Parenting ?

The relationship you have with your child is dependant on the relationship you have with yourself, this is the core principle  underpinning Conscious Parenting. It teaches you to let go of society’s pressure to have the perfect child and accept the child as they are and this is the ultimate gift of connection. More importantly it guides you to be more accepting of yourself, slow down, be more mindful and present with your children and loved ones. This enables you to have a more fulfilling and connected relationship with all your loved ones.

In Conscious Parenting Part 1:

  • Understand the concept of conscious parenting
  • How to break the patterns of  Traditional Parenting (angry, painful)
  • Discover more effective discipline strategies
  • Create a more fulfilling parent-child relationship

In Conscious Parenting Part 2 :

  • Dive deeper into conscious parent principles, including the Myths of parenting
  • Learn the questions you can ask to become a more conscious parent/person
  • Ego vs Essence and how it impacts my parenting 
  • Mindfulness and how it fits into parenting

 In Conscious Parenting Part 3 : 

  • Containment and Boundary Making
  • Look at common Parenting Agendas
  • Learn the power of Embodiment as it relates to parenting
  • Refresh Mindfulness and Iceberg

In Conscious Parenting Part 4 : 

  • Recap and reflection
  • The Parents Behaviour is an Iceberg
  • Feedback of how participants have brought conscious parenting principles into their homes and to answer any lingering questions