Emotionally Connecting to Your Child Online Workshop

Hello Fellow Struggling Parent

We were all struggling as parents before and the pandemic has added additional stress to our parenting. If you are hanging on by a thread, tired of losing it with your kids, shouting, screaming and punishing, this may be your saving grace. Choosing to shift the energy in your home from negative and aggressive to loving and agreeable lies with you the parent.

In these trying times, it has been difficult juggling the supervision of the children’s online classes, you are working from home, cooking, cleaning and remaining sane. It has become the norm to feel overwhelmed. The feeling of overwhelm manifests emotions of anxiety, irritability, anger, worry and causes us to lash out at our children.

If this is you, then you need to support and guidance to change your responses and improve the relationship with yourself and your children. This workshop is a definite tool to help you get there and can be done in the safe comfort of your own home via ZOOM. If you miss any session live, you can watch the recording to catch up. NB Recordings are only available for a limited time.

 The series is spilt up into 4 sessions:

Session 1: 3 July 2021

This session will help you understand how you parent and why you parent the way you do.

  • Teachings :
  • Orientation and reflection
  •  Parenting styles
  • Looking  at your own childhood and how it impacts your parenting.

Session 2: 10 July 2021

This session will help you understand why your children respond so differently to the same event or stimuli.

Teachings :

  • Temperaments : Identity, understand and manage your children’s temperament.
  • Birth Order : Understand how your place in the family influences your behavior.

Session 3: 17 July 2021

This session will teach you about The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Teachings :

  • Take the Love Language Test to help you discover your own love language and learn to fill your own love tank.
  • Learning to speak your child’s love language.

Session 4: 24 July 2021

We all struggle with our emotions and to keep our cool and we need to learn how to manage our anger.


  • How to control the anger monster inside of you.
  • Understand the link between anger and perfectionism.

If you would to join, click here


If you don’t need it, someone else may.

Please pass it on to whoever you think will benefit from attending.

Kind regards

Shenaaz Moos 😊🌸🌈

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