Heart to Heart Connection


So many parents feel guilty because they are unable to connect with their children on a heart to heart level, which is deeply spiritual, emotional and psychological. What they need to realize is that it’s not naturally occurring and that they themselves needed to have experienced it in their own childhood.

You can’t fake it, so don’t try to fool yourself, as your children can see through the pretense. Being authentic, genuine and true to yourself takes intense courage. So what now, you must be thinking if you didn’t have this wonderful childhood experience.


I have some suggestions:
1. Owning your story is the start.
2. Healing your wounds and fragmented self, on your own or with professional help.
3. Become comfortable with your emotions, just sit with them and allow yourself to feel them.
4. Start observing your children, how do they respond to intense emotions.
5. If you see any of your old patterns in their behaviour, don’t panic just remember they can learn new patterns of responding the same way you did.
6. Once you begin accepting your children’s emotions, a shift in your relationship will begin to occur.
7. This will be the Roots from which a strong connection and bond will grow.


It’s never too late to start connecting heart to heart, no matter how old your child is.









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