When I posted my last blog on unconscious people, I immediately regretted using the term unconscious people because it felt like a judgement. There was nothing I could do but accept the as-is and move forward and remember the lesson learnt.

There are many ways to elevate one’s consciousness and I chosen five that have special significance to me. Why? Its important to note that the principles are part of your ongoing growth and development. This means gentleness and compassion is required. You cannot be at the end of a journey that has no end just endless adventure.


1. Conscious people do what they love and love what they do!

As much as we all need to make a living, we also need to do something that fulfils us and gives our life meaning and purpose. Conscious people understand that life is not meant to be a rat race of mindless days all clumping together to form years and then decades. They are not chasing success in the conventional sense but are focused on much achieving more depth and substance in their lives.


2. Conscious people understand, accept and embrace the impermanence of life.

We all want the good moments to last forever, but dread and torment ourselves when we are in a bad situation or in pain. If we understand the principle of transience, that all things are temporary and will pass, we will find the strength to get through the difficulties and see it as a growth and learning experience. When you flip it over, when things are going wonderful, we will be fully present to enjoy each moment and not take it for granted.


3. Conscious people believe in boundaries as it serves to keep their emotional energy safe.

Letting people walk all over you, take advantage of you is a sign that you have no or low boundaries. What do conscious people do differently? They say “NO” when they want or say “YES” when they want without an explanation or guilt. They know that they don’t have to please everyone, make them happy or be responsible for anyone other than themselves. This does not mean they have no compassion, instead they show it by staying out of other people’s drama. So from now on say “I see your circus, but I decline to join” and move on, to preserve your energy.


4. Conscious people accept Oneness Consciousness, that we are all one interconnected being.

This means there is no separation by race, class, wealth, education by any institution. We are all equal! So if we are all one, then by hurting another I am hurting myself. Wanting for another what I want for myself is also part of this principle. What would this principle do for the world? Facilitate the end of endless aggression, cruelty and violence! Giving freely of your wealth, food and possessions would be the new norm. If you have none of the former, you still have things of value – your love, your time, your kindness, your compassion! You always have something to give!


5. Conscious people live their life in the practice of Abundance.

There will always be someone with a bigger house, better car, just more, more, more of everything than you. This does not mean they are happy or content with their lives. Conscious people look at what they already have in the now present moment as a bountiful blessing. The focus is not what isn’t there, this is LACK but on what is and this is ABUNDANCE. Believing you don’t have enough time, will leave you feeling rushed, overwhelmed and just not getting things done. Slow down, do less things, but the really meaningful ones. The other area people struggle with is the scarcity of money,  this is trap as more money doesn’t mean less problems. Readjust your lifestyle so that human connection and personal growth is valued higher than financial accumulation. Focusing on lack attracts lack and focusing on abundance attracts abundance!


Even as a conscious warrior, I have unconscious moments in my life. The big difference is that my awareness is now heightened and living with mindfulness allows me to notice when this happens and not get stuck there. This is why you raise your consciousness to avoid doing unnecessary damage to yourself and your loved ones. When we are not mindful, we say and do painful things and are not even able to acknowledge this due to our own pain and inner child’s unmet needs. So make the time and effort to make this shift. I live with the daily benefits in the way my children connect with me and the world. They will be trailblazers in their own way in whatever path they choose! This fills my heart with joy!

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