Do you feel lost, disconnected, adrift?  A stranger in your own life!

Can you recall the last time you were truly happy?

Do you laugh daily, greet the day with a smile or dread?

If the answers were YES, NO, NO, then I know what will help you find your way back to your True Self.

Throughout your childhood and adult life, you were told by those you love (parents, family,   spouse, friends) how you should act, think and behave. Even when we don’t feel like being this person, we comply out of the fear of being rejected and abandoned by our loved ones.

This is an online weekly class of 1 hour that will run for 4 months. The course content :

Month 1 : Getting to Know Yourself

Who am I?

What are my Values? 

What are my likes and dislikes?

What is my Love Language and how I need to be loved?

Month 2 : Is my life what I thought it would be?

What are highlights in my life – past and present?

Finding my passion

Living with purpose

Assertiveness Skills

Month 3 : Assessing people around me

Do I need some emotional spring cleaning?

Kicking out the haters and energy drainers


Coping with fallout of toxic people’s exit

Month 4 :

Finding the Balance in work and self-care

Filling my life with Positive Energy

Seeing the wonder that is you

Taking my Authentic Self Out for a spin