Often when challenges can become too much to handle on your own, the emotional support of counselling is beneficial. Having a support system, be it an empathetic ear in the form of a partner, family, friends or a club is crucial in periods of emotional distress. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone but it does not mean that you should deal with this on your own. Getting support is a sign of your courage, not your shortcoming or imperfection.

As a Registered Counsellor, I do short term counselling up to 8 sessions so the focus is goal directed while offering the support needed.

If you need help with any of these, please do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment or if you have any questions:

  • family issues
  • relationship issues
  • marriage issues
  • stress
  • motivation
  • breaking free of Perfectionism
  • identifying Childhood Emotional Neglect in adulthood

All sessions are payable upfront and can be claimed back from your medical aid. Please confirm with your scheme if you require a referral or authorisation in order to be reimbursed.

Parent Coaching

According to Psychologist Dr Randy Cale, Parent Coaching is as follows: 

“Coaching is a personal service, slightly different from psychotherapy or counseling.  The focus in coaching is more goal directed, and the topics covered tend to be of a more educational nature, or more skills based. “

Parent Coaching is specific to helping parents resolve behavioural struggles with their children.  These parent-child struggles may range from the typical challenges of daily parenting life— such as morning routines, homework struggles or sibling bickering.  However, more often parents call for Parent Coaching when faced with more demanding behaviours that push the limits of their parenting—including the strong-willed child, the picky eater, the angry, disrespectful child or teen, the defiant, oppositional son or daughter and even kids with constant Attention Deficit issues. ”

I offer a package of 10 sessions and a monthly fee for additional WhatsApp support to help you as and when the crisis occurs.

Coming for support means that you are wise and brave to ask for help when you need it. It’s not a sign of weakness. The most important job in the world never came with classes, a manual or instructions. We are all just parenting the why our parents did, unconsciously or consciously choosing to go in the opposite direction.

Learn about your parenting style, your child’s temperament,  Birth order and its impact on Personality, discover your child’s Love Language. All these tools will help you better understand, relate and connect to your child. This will make them feel loved, accepted, boost their self esteem and will give a more cooperative child. Discipline becomes easier when there is a strong connection and a healthy parent-child relationship.

Are these your families issues :

– Constant anger (parents, child or both)

– Disrespectful Kids

– Parenting Differences

– No Order and Structure in your home

– Difficulty getting them to school

– Not listening

Motivational Speaker

Navigating the challenges of life is difficult and often just the right set of information can point us in the right direction, turn a normal event to an exceptional one. I have been guided by the teachings of Dr Shefali Tsabary in the field of Consciousness, Mindfulness and Awareness, all necessary skills for living a more fulfilled, connected and authentic life. If you want to motivate your organisation, company or school, then this is the way to achieve it. REQUEST a TALK today.

Some other topics include :

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Parenting – in general
  • Conscious Parenting
  • The Five Love Languages
  • Parenting Styles
  • Birth Order
  • Self Esteem
  • Other areas of interest

Play Therapy

How important is Play? “Playing is how children learn about their word. Play is therefore essential for healthy development. Play is a serious, purposeful business for children. They develop mentally, physically and socially whilst playing. Play is the child’s form of self-therapy where confusion, anxieties and conflict are often worked out. Play affords children a safe opportunity for trying out their new ways of being. Play performs a vital function for the child. It is family more than just the frivolous, lighthearted, pleasurable activity that adults usually make of it. Play also serves as a symbolic language. Children express much that they cannot as yet express in words so the use play to formulate and assimilate what they experience.” from Windows to our Children (Oaklander: 1988:160). 

What is Play Therapy? It is a way of being  present with the child, following their process using play as the medium to communicate. It factors in their unique developmental level, temperament, birth order and Love Language (the latter three are specific to my method)  to provide them with tools and skills to best manage their challenges be it anxiety, anger management, bullying, friend drama and so much more. I see children from the age of 6 years old to teens.