Self Mastery Institute Invitation

Dear Authentic Truth Seeker

We are all here to master ourselves, but become side tracked by the distractions of a conditioned life. If you could explore yourself to the depths of your soul, would you be proud, satisfied or inspired by what you discover. This journey to the self is a necessary one, not easy or quick but one of unforetold and unimaginable discovery.

Life becomes textured with pure bliss, each moment more beautiful with the gifts of presence, awareness and gratitude. Those who take the journey never look back and never regret it. Become one of them!

I have taken all my knowledge & experience from individual therapy and workshops and created this one a kind and first of its kind, Self Mastery Institute. It will be a place to HEAL, a place to GROW.


Embarking on this 4 month journey means you are saying yes to MORE :

  • JOY
  • LOVE

All of these are necessary components of living in your authentic truth.

Limited placement for Level 1 : Journey to the Self

This 4 month programme will help you understand why you are struggling in so many areas of your life, be it your relationships, work, finding meaning and enjoyment in your daily life. You have become disconnected from your true self, your higher self.

How did this happen? Throughout your childhood and adult life, you were told by those you love (parents, family, spouse, friends) how you should act, think and behave. Even when we don’t feel like being this person, we comply out of the fear of being rejected and abandoned by our loved ones. Eventually you become an unrecognisable version of yourself and live an inauthentic existence. These tools will guide you back to your authentic self and your truth month by month.

The learning in Level 1 – Journey to the Self will give you :

  1. A better understanding of yourself
  2. A heightened awareness of how you impact your world through your thoughts and actions
  3.  How this impacts your behaviour.
  4. Allowing you to make choices that serve your higher true self.


  • 4 X 90 minute Teach session
  • 2 X Q & A Sessions
  • 2 X Individual Sessions

R6000 for the 4 month offer

  • R5500 if paying in full upfront
  • R3000 X 2 payments
  • R1500 X 4 months

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me on 0727818136 or

Please note spaces are limited.

If you are ready to begin your journey to joy, inner peace, authenticity and self love, click the link below.

Love & healing

Shenaaz Moos 🙏🏼😇

Happy Confident ME


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