Sibling Rivalry on Expresso Morning Show

  Shenaaz Moos   Aug 13, 2019   Conscious Parenting, Family, Sibling Rivalry   0 Comment

Last week Wednesday 7 August 2019,  I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on the Expresso Morning show on SABC3. We discussed Sibling Rivalry. There were many issues raised, questions asked and answered. Some examples include:

  • Is it an unrealistic fantasy desire have siblings to always get along?
  • How can a parents’ behaviour contribute to, and perpetuate sibling fights?
  • How can parents decrease fights between siblings, and increase harmony in the household?
  • Can parents unknowingly be the cause of sibling fighting sometimes?
  • How can ongoing sibling fighting negatively impact family relationships?

Take a look to see what the answers were. Leave a comment if you enjoyed it or any questions if you have any.

Parenting Advice: Decreasing Sibling Fights in The Household



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