The Five Love Languages Workshop Presented by Shenaaz Moos, Registered Counsellor We all lead busy lives and want more time, fun, love and laughter in it. Unfortunately these require effort and most of us want a quick fix, instant connection and happiness. There are some cheats and short cuts and I am excited and eager […]

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Conscious Parenting & Mindfulness Training

A 4 week programme presented by Shenaaz Moos, a Registered Counsellor & Parenting Coach based on the books by the New York’s best selling parenting, Dr Shefali Tsabary. If you want to change the relationship you have with yourself and your children, then this workshop is for you.


In this session, we will cover the following :
0. What is Conscious Parenting ?
0. What are the components of Conscious Parenting?
0. How to create a more fulfilling Parent-Child relationship?
0. How to break the patterns of traditional parenting based on anger and control
0. Effective Discipline Strategies

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Week 2:

In this session, we will cover the following :
0. Conscious Parenting Principles
0. Parenting Myths
0. How Mindfulness can teach you to become a more present and aware parent

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Week 3:

In this session, we will cover the following :
0. Discuss common parenting agendas
0. Learn the power of embodiment as a parent
0. Continue with the importance of Mindfulness

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Week 4:

In this session, we will cover the following :
0. Applying Conscious Parenting principles to your home environment
0. How to avoid future parenting pitfalls
0. Questions and Feedback

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When I posted my last blog on unconscious people, I immediately regretted using the term unconscious people because it felt like a judgement. There was nothing I could do but accept the as-is and move forward and remember the lesson learnt.

There are many ways to elevate one’s consciousness and I chosen five that have special significance to me. Why? Its important to note that the principles are part of your ongoing growth and development. This means gentleness and compassion is required. You cannot be at the end of a journey that has no end just endless adventure.


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