by Shenaaz Moos

According to Wikipedia wisdom is “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement”. You often hear the words “listen to his words of wisdom”, but you never thought that you, yourself possessed words of wisdom. We are all conditioned to believe that we must seek knowledge, guidance and how to be happy from others, from outside ourselves. When you are on a spiritual path of self discovery, you will encounter many ways you have achieved wisdom. I have made of a note of five lessons I have learnt.



1. There is WISDOM in your wisdom!
I would never have thought that my words, ramblings and admission of failures and fumbles would inspire others. My heart decided to open and my mind says write. When I reflect back on the things I have shared, I am astounded. It has made me realise the inherent wisdom in all of us. Going inside, trusting yourself and listening to yourself is how you can tap into it. Try to not do too much each day, busyness detracts from stillness. Find your wisdom!

2. There is PAIN in your wisdom!
Listening to yourself is hard, trusting yourself is even harder! We have wisdom achieved through pain, but also have pain in our wisdom. I know it sounds like a fortune cookie, so let me explain. When we come to understand that something or someone has hurt us, we learn a lesson in that pain. It could be that this person is not good for us or to us and we may need to distance ourselves. Embracing the pain will embrace the wisdom. Denying the pain will also block the wisdom, causing us to repeat the same mistake over and over again. It’s always a choice!


3.There is JOY in your wisdom!When we realign with our true selves, we listen to ourselves and are attuned to our authenticity, we start to do things that we desire in the way we want. We stop doing what others demand but instead focus on ourselves. This will automatically bring us immense JOY! It won’t bring those around you joy, because when you do what’s best for you it’s not usually best for someone who has been taking advantage of you. Never mind them, their time is up, it’s your time and this is not selfish but self-care!

4. There is LOVE in your wisdom!People end up doing more harm to themselves than others when they don’t trust their inner wisdom, their gut, their intuition. It’s your internal compass best suited to guide you to LOVE, the first being self love. It’s not your fault, it was sent off course in your childhood when you were always doubted and criticized by adults around you. Now if you listen and follow this wisdom, you will be led to the highest love where all things are possible!

5. There is FREEDOM in your wisdom!
I am the odd one out, the person who you would describe as weird and I love it. I stopped trying to please others and live out their expectations when I started living a more authentic life. There is absolute FREEDOM in trusting your wisdom. Everyone has their own agenda and your happiness and success is not a priority or more scary not even on the list. So stop people pleasing, do what’s best for you and liberate yourself.


There is always something to learn and grow from to reach new pinnacles. It is important to differentiate between external wisdom and internal wisdom. Sometimes a Phd in Science, Arts or anything else does not mean you will have a Phd in Life. Intellectual wisdom will help you achieve external success in your life with material rewards. However Spiritual wisdom will help you achieve a much better status – INNER PEACE. So, on that note I will leave you to ponder what you will aim for.

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