The Power of Affirmations


By Shenaaz Moos

A few weeks ago I attended a seminar by Ebrahim Mongratie and it was wonderful to be on the receiving end of wisdom. I was even more excited to have met a Conscious, Awakened man who lived with Authenticity. He has also written two books, Thoughts of Perfection (which I already owned) and An Enlightened Path to Self-Discovery which I bought a copy of that day. He reminded me of the importance of Affirmations and how it can radiate a positive energy for your day. So I decided to add that to my future posts. 

The definition of an affirmation : a statement or proposition that is declared to be true, confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment. This tell me that I do not need to wait for others to affirm me or identify my strengths, positive traits or potential, I need to do this for myself. This can be a very powerful way to transform your life through positive thinking.  I have been doing it for a few years but decided to write about it more on social media.

1. I am OK just as I am!

I chose this as my first affirmation because we are too harsh on ourselves and non accepting of who we are. We feel that when we arrive at our goal weight, our dream job or perfect relationship we will be ok. This could not be further from the truth and you need to break out of this conditioned belief. So tell yourself over and over again “I am ok just as I am!” Put it on your phone as a pop up reminder. Then watch how our day unfolds!


This affirmation is not about the strength of taking people’s bullshit, doing their dirty work or anything that serves them. Being strong enough to say NO when you want and YES when you want without hesitation. Its about BOUNDARIES, something we all need to have in place to project our energies from emotional draining vampires. Also being strong enough to go after your dreams and do what brings you joy to live your best life and putting yourself first for a change,


Start making a list of all the things you have been afraid to do and say. Then make a new list and use this affirmation as a pre-fix, eg “I am brave enough to ask for respect!” Or “I am brave enough to wear clothes I am comfortable in!” …

Being brave means you start to change your negative inner critic to a cheerleader or best friend who only wants the BEST for YOU!


The dictionary defines Unique as “having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable”. If we embody this affirmation, we will not feel the need to compare ourselves to anyone else. Each person is a work of art, an original creation, but due to society’s conditioning that looking and acting a certain way is beauty, success and preferred – we don’t. If you untangle yourself from this lie, you will be free to accept yourself for all that makes you magical and special.

5. I am STRONG & BRAVE enough to embrace my UNIQUENESS!

People who uniquely are themselves are often referred to as ‘weird’. You need to understand that you need strength and courage to be ok with this label. I love being weird, it makes me interesting and fun. Embracing your uniqueness means you are not dependent on others approval of your life – choices, actions and behaviours. You are free! This is the only way to live!

6. I am giving myself a DAY OFF!

Why do you need a day off? So you can exhale if you have been holding your breath in fear about : money, your marriage, your kids or life in general. You need a day off from being so hard and critical on yourself. You need a day off from counting all the calories or fat in everything you put in your mouth. You need a day off from wondering if you are worthy of love, because YOU ARE! You just need this day off more than you realise and more blessings than you can imagine will follow it!

7. I am filled with LOVE & LIGHT!

Each person has within them an infinite amount of positive energy through love and light. If your authentic/true self was nourished in your childhood, you would be standing firm and glowing in your light, your essence would be luminous. In this light, pure love emanates filling those you encounter with a healing embrace. Work towards healing yourself to achieve wholeness, tapping into your light and love to do this!

8. I am stepping into my BRILLIANCE!

The word brilliance is defined as : a great brightness; excellence or distinction; conspicuous talent, splendour, elegance, or magnificence.

The universe has a master plan for all of us to step into the brilliance of our Essence. This is who and what we are truly meant to be. To take the challenge to live your best life which means living a life of purpose, living your passion and making a difference. We are all fearful of the brilliance within us because it was not nurtured and nourished. Make a decision today to look deeply into your heart about what brings you absolute joy, then take up the challenge and step into your brilliance.

9. I am more than my MISTAKES!

If I had to define myself by the mistakes I have made, I would not be here today! Here meaning living an authentic life, powered by my passion to change the way people parent, to help people shift the way they see themselves and raising consciousness.

Mistakes are growth opportunities and not a sign of your potential.

Mistakes are the beginning and the end of something, you decide which one it is.

If we stop  making mistakes, we stop learning!

If we strive for perfection, we will not be able to receive the gift of our mistakes!


Being comfortable in your own skin means liking the way you look, accepting your skin colour, your body shape, your hair, your weight and more. The acceptance of your outside is only possible when you accept who you are on the inside! If you are not happy with the person you have become, then work on this first until you are content. Working on yourself means changing, growing yourself through counselling, workshops, reading, meditation and other spiritual practices. This only has power when you are doing it for yourself and not for another person. The latter will just make you more  uncomfortable as you will be moving further away from your Authentic self. So, get comfortable in your own skin and transform your life!


What’s the point in being like everyone else? There is nothing enchanting in being a clone or a copy. When you embrace your true self and are comfortable in your own skin, you open the doorway to your spiritual self, your authentic self. At this point, you are the master of your consciousness, you have a beautiful inner landscape where you choose the thoughts you give power and energy to. Doesn’t this sound like a magical place to reside?



I hope at this point you have come to understand the power of affirmations and the ability it has to transform your own life. Stop looking outside yourself for validation! This is making you miserable. Each person is trying to manage their own issues, they don’t have time to come over and help you with yours. Self-growth and self-development is about taking the journey inward and clearing up all the clutter in your mind, changing the inner landscape of your thoughts from a jungle to a beautiful garden.

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