I realised that many people do not have time, patience or the energy to bother reading my daily inspirations, motivations and more that I post on FaceBook, Instagram or Linkedin. So I am posting almost all January’s content in a blog version. Let me know if you enjoyed it, found it useful or any other feedback. I may not continue if its just duplication or annoying, you decide.



“Why do we want a happy ending? How about a happy existence? A happy process? We’re all in process constantly. _ Jennifer Aniston

Looking for a happy ending means always waiting and wanting. Mindfulness has taught me the beauty of the present moment. You need to do a lot of inner work to truly grasp that the happiness you seek lies in each moment as it is. I didn’t lose the weight I wanted in 2018, yet I am not unhappy. I did not run all the workshops as planned, yet I do not feel like a failure. I choose to be happy because I am alive, walking, talking and can see the beauty and wonder in nature. It’s enough to uplift any low spirits and transform any ordinary moment to an extraordinary one! All it requires is for you to choose happiness!


“Living each moment as a way to realize our dreams, there is not difference between the end and the means. “ The Art Of Living by Thich Nhat Hanh

Living a life of distractions is a choice, it’s not accidental or someone else’s fault if we have not realised or achieved our dreams. Living consciously means we are in alignment with our truth and authentic self and every action leads us to the understanding that each  moment has its own gifts and happiness in it.  If your dream is about being wealthy, successful or famous and this is not in alignment with who you are, it will evade you. A dream is living your best life, having gratitude and living a life where being of service matters and making a difference in the lives of others is vital.


“A person can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves.” – Luna & Sol

Yesterday I went to watch Bohemian Rhapsody and this line resonated “Come find me when you like yourself!” No one can meet your needs, make you feel loved, important, appreciated, valued, special (and the list is endless) until you know, like and accept yourself. Until then you are playing a role, living out a script given to you by someone else. To have a deep meaningful relationship with another person, you need to have one with yourself first. Most people avoid solitude, introspection and deep reflection because they are afraid to be alone with their thoughts and emotions. It’s absolutely terrifying I agree but absolutely necessary to achieve this wisdom nugget!




A few years ago I was a reactor of note, taking everything personally and felt rejected when people didn’t respond the way I wanted. I always blamed others at the height of my Unconsciousness. I am still surrounded by the same people but have very different relationships and experiences with them now. How? I began a journey to heal and parent my Inner Child through Conscious Parenting. It’s a chance to become more self aware, objectively step outside your own mind and see the truth of the situation. When you do this, you don’t need to respond or react to it just let the moment flow. Everyone is struggling with their own emotions and you will take it personal if you are not aware of this. Choosing to see it this way raises your level of consciousness. You win, no matter the outcome! Why? You gain Inner Peace!


“Successful people always have two things on their lips : 1. Silence 2. Smile”


The dictionary defines success as : ’the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.’

I believe success should not be measured externally by society’s standards. Why? There will always be a bigger house, better car, fancier holiday, more prestigious job on an endless ladder if you follow their guide. So when will you be content? When you feel like a success? If you keep comparing yourself, you never will. Success to me is feeling at peace, living your best life in service and with gratitude. It has no monetary scale, just a deep sense of appreciation of your life as it is. This makes me smile often throughout my day, when I feel and see my blessings. Still working on the silence part as I love to talk. I understand that it means successful people do not talk about what they have, or discuss future plans. If you look at your life now, you are successful. Choose to see your blessings!



For me, telling the truth is easy and as natural as breathing. It’s something I value highly in others but find it a rare quality in many people. Telling lies is frowned upon in many religions and cultures, yet its the norm in todays society. Why? People live inauthentic lives and feel no remorse when they don’t tell the truth. People say it’s only a ‘white lie’, or they say nothing which is a ‘lie of omission’. A lie is a lie no matter how you try to dress it up. Always strive to speak the truth and your truth!


HAPPY PEOPLE                                                  UNHAPPY PEOPLE

Live simply. Are constantly worried about money.
Live in the present moment. Don’t make time for themselves.
Practice gratitude. Compare themselves to others.
Love what they do. Don’t love what they do.
Live with balance. Don’t listen to their bodies.

If you look at these two columns (image by Brian Tracy) and you had to tick off the items that apply to your life, which side would you have the most ticks? You are probably wondering how living a simple life in the present moment with gratitude and balance and doing what you love ( job/career ) can give you happiness. How? When you are not attached to other people’s opinions of you and your life, you are free to follow your dreams which may not lead to a fancy house or overseas travel but you get to do what you love. I can testify that doing what you love is the best way to be happy. So, go ahead and be HAPPY!

“The thing is, you have to really want to change”

Herein lies the dilemma of most people, they long for something different but do not want to change themselves or anything about their life. Instead they want the other person/s to make the change to help their shifting process. You are part of a Co-creative existence and everything you do or was done to you is linked. However when it comes to change, only you hold the key to unlock that door. Waiting for another is pointless, frustrating and exhausting! Conscious people know they need to take steps internally to ensure that change and transformation occurs on the external level.

Quote by wisdomseeker.com.au with
No one changes unless they really want to.
Not if you beg them.
Not if you shame them.
If you use reason, emotion or tough love.
There is one thing that makes someone change: their own realisation that they need to do it.
And there’s only one time it will happen : when they decide they’re ready.

It’s so easy to see when someone else is caught in destructive thought and behaviour patterns, but it’s not so visible when it’s our own. So no matter how bad it is, they will not be aware if it or be unconscious of the need to change it. You are not helping by pointing it out, this will not wake them up to reality. Instead you could end up becoming estranged. All you can do is focus on your shortcomings and work on your self improvement.

Meme by@improve_emotional_wellbeing & @high.vibrational

Side effects of speaking your truth :
You heal your self
You inspire others
You become bomb af
You live authentically
You identify out your throat chakras
You attract the most beautiful souls
You vibrate higher and attract what you want
You create a ripple effect out into the universe

It takes integrity to speak the truth. The dictionary defines integrity as:
• adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
• the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.
If you don’t speak your truth, you will not be whole, it takes a state of wholeness to live authentically. The best side effect of speaking your truth is that you heal yourself. Once you speak your truth, you vibrate a higher consciousness and frequency that inspires others. People who vibrate at your frequency will be drawn into your circle, they will turn inspire and motivate you to continue on this path of higher consciousness. Congratulations, you are living your best life!

“Open your Mind before you open your Mouth!” e-buddism.com

When I was a child, I was described as outspoken (rude by traditional parenting rules). My father would always say ‘think before you speak’, I think he wanted me to speak truthfully, but carefully, with conviction but with empathy. It’s taken me decades to learn this and I now examine a statement when it’s a thought before uttering it out loud. If I find it of no benefit to the conversation or the person I am speaking to, or would hurt them, then I just dismiss it. I occasionally mess up, but I am still human, just more conscious and aware of my flaws. Meeting my inner child’s unmet meet to be heard and acknowledged first, allowed me to truly practice this skill. Everything begins with the Mind, so start strengthening yours!



This poem came to me after my meditation the other day. It wanted to be heard and today to be shared. Many older people complain about their adult children having no time for them. They feel they did everything for their kids and this is not what they deserve. Chances are they were traditional parents who didn’t value play and connection highly on their list of priorities. They saw to their child’s food, clothing and schooling – ie functional needs but not the things that make children blossom and flourish – ie emotional needs. The latter matter most to children. It’s one of the reasons I teach Conscious Parenting and from this year will teach parents how to play with their kids in my upcoming workshop, The Power Of Play. Please don’t waste precious time rushing your kids through life only focused on their academic success! Walk beside them in fun, in play and in difficulties!



I wrote this last year on 22/1/18:


‘The pathway to healing and growing yourself is to stop focusing on the ‘other’ person even if it’s your spouse, child, family member and so many more. This distracts you from your own journey to your True self, the work needed there to reach Self Acceptance, Self Love and ultimately Authenticity! Conserve your energy for the real battle, don’t waste it on other people.’

Since living this realization, I have truly come to understand the freedom of not being focused on anyone else. I am an empath, healer and fixer by nature and wasted so much time and energy trying to rescue those who didn’t want, need or appreciate it – so I stopped. It wasn’t easy, but absolutely necessary to live my best life!


Change from the inside out is the only kind that matters.

Change from the inside out is the only one that is sustainable.

Change from the inside out is aligned with your authentic self.

Change from the inside out is done for your growth.

Change from the inside out is when you will enter alignment.




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