Boundaries Quiz

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You offer to take a friend out for dinner for her birthday. They suggest a really expensive restaurant that will blow your budget. What do you do?

You’re working on a team project and you’ve been partnered with the person who everyone knows doesn’t pull their weight. You...

You understand that conflict is a natural part of intimate relationships and even though it may not be enjoyable, you don’t avoid it.

You would do almost anything to avoid hurting others

You feel that those you love take advantage of you often

You are frequently tired, and you just don’t have enough time for self-care or treats

You are very distressed if your partner seems as if they don’t like you

Do you feel that when certain people (mother-in-law, boss, husband, sister) undermine your decision, you begin to doubt yourself?

Boundaries Quiz
You know how to set your own boundaries

You seem to be someone who is well balanced, who knows their strengths as well as their weaknesses. You know where you belong and you know your own boundaries. You are in touch with your emotions and you know how to express them. Setting effective boundaries can require practice so don't think the job is over. Many times you will be challenged by various people on those boundaries and you might have to tighten them or loosen them up. These challenges allow you to become a better version of yourself. Keep an eye out in your inbox over the next few weeks. We will assist you with maintaining and possibly improving your relationship boundaries.
You generally have good relationships but need to be more assertive in some

You might feel as if you’re speaking but no one is home on the receiving end, or that somehow you’ve switched from English to a completely different language. This feeling of not being heard is one of the chief frustrations voiced by those attempting to set personal boundaries, especially when it comes to family. But don't worry. Your results show you have some strong boundaries around you but then there are some who need to be re-enforced. Boundaries are the protective guidelines we set for ourselves as individuals, in personal and professional relationships. They give us that sense of self-determination we long for and help guard against being overwhelmed by the demands of others. Identifying where boundaries are needed is not really difficult; where we run into resistance is when we have to communicate and enforce them. Keep an eye out in your inbox over the next few weeks. We will show you some tips and tricks that will assist you to enforce those boundaries even further.
You have weak or no boundaries

Your results show you have weak boundaries that can leave you vulnerable and likely to be taken for granted or even damaged by others. When you don’t take care of yourself, when you allow people to repeatedly take advantage of you without speaking up, you are sending a clear message that these are acceptable standards for the way in which they treat you. So if you find yourself surrounded by people who are sucking the very life out of you, it’s time to take a hard look at the message you are sending to the world about what you will (and won’t) tolerate, and then get busy rewriting your story. Keep an eye out in your inbox over the next few weeks as we'll share some tips and tricks that will help you to identify, enforce and maintain boundaries in your relationships.

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  1. I find the quiz useful. I find it difficult to set boundaries and stick to them especially with family members.

  2. Shukran so much. I knew the results before I even finished the quiz. This is so accurate. I sometimes think I only start to make adjustments when hearing the truth from someone else.

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